Christopher Nations

General Manager
Georgetown Infiniti
Georgetown, TX

Christopher Nations is the General Manager at Hi Tech Motorcars Georgetown INFINITI, a position that reflects 13 years of dedication and commitment to the automotive industry. Hailing from Round Rock, Texas, Nations’ journey in the retail automotive industry began after he graduated college in 2008 and worked in the construction sector for several years. The prospect of working indoors in the comfort of air conditioning proved to be a compelling incentive, leading him to explore the automotive sector instead. Over the years, he has been instrumental in opening a brand new store, introducing a new brand to the Georgetown area, and building a dedicated team from the ground up.

Nations’ proudest moment of his career has been attaining the role of General Manager, but he also finds great joy in witnessing the growth and advancement of team members he has hired or trained. His sense of accomplishment is tied to the success and progress of those he has had the privilege to mentor.

Looking ahead, Nations’ goals for the future are centered on becoming the best General Manager he can be. He aspires to continue nurturing the growth of the INFINITI brand and the success of the Hi Tech Motorcars Georgetown INFINITI dealership. He enjoys a diverse set of hobbies, from hunting and fishing to a passion for cars. He is also learning to play baseball to bond with his oldest son, who has taken an interest in the sport. Spending quality time with his wife, two young boys, and their two four-legged companions, Bella and Buck, rounds out his fulfilling life outside of work.