Cameron Johnson

Magic City Auto Group
Roanoke, VA

Cameron Johnson is the Chairman and CEO of Magic City Auto Group based in Virginia. His journey in the automotive industry spans an impressive 22 years, marked by significant achievements and a commitment to maintaining a family legacy.

Originally from Roanoke, Virginia, Johnson’s automotive roots run deep as a fourth-generation Ford dealer. The legacy began with his great-grandfather selling Model T’s in 1925 and ultimately founding Magic City Ford in Roanoke in 1938. Johnson initially ventured into starting and growing internet companies, making his first million before graduating high school, but he says he was “always destined to follow the family legacy and to join the car business.” He got his start by establishing the internet sales department as a teenager, cementing his connection to the car business.

One of the standout achievements of Magic City Auto Group under Johnson’s leadership is its ongoing remarkable customer service. The dealership has received Ford’s prestigious President’s Award more than 15 times, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. Johnson’s philosophy is centered on taking care of employees, believing that when employees are well-supported, they will in turn provide exceptional service to customers.

Looking to the future, Johnson recognizes that the automotive industry is evolving rapidly. However, he says the core principle of pleasing the customer remains unchanged. He has ambitious plans to continue expanding Magic City Auto Group’s presence by adding more franchises and rooftops in the near future. Johnson’s favorite quote, “Life gives to the givers and takes from the takers,” reflects his dedication to giving back to the automotive industry and his community.