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new-car sales

New-car sales beating expectations, reports Cox

Cox Automotive has predicted that November’s new-car sales will be 10.8% higher than in 2021. This is a surprising shift in tone from earlier...

The current state of cybersecurity risks at the dealership

"From ransomware to data breaches, dealerships are experiencing an unprecedented number of cybersecurity concerns. Protecting your data has never been more important," says a...

Conflicting views on US auto recovery as unemployment up, sales up

The Associated Press posted Thursday that the number of unemployment benefit applicants rose by 898,000 last week. That’s the highest number reported in the...
carla bailo

Industry Expert Carla Bailo Predicts Two-Year Auto Recovery, Impact Not as...

According to Carla Bailo, the President and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research, it can be expected to take two years for auto...
Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive Trims 275 Jobs During Recovery

Facing a steep decline in revenue since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States, Cox Automotive trimmed their workforce by approximately 275 positions on...

Industry Surprised at Pace of Pandemic Recovery in Automotive

For eight weeks, production at North American auto factories was silent, except for personal protective equipment to aid in COVID-19 treatment and prevention. In...

Coalition of Caring Dealers Providing Support During Pandemic Recovery

One of the unfortunate effects of an economic shutdown has been an abundance of food supplies that aren’t being used by restaurants and grocers....
New Zealand

What New Zealand’s Reopening Means for the United States’ Auto Recovery

New Zealand has officially reopened for business. After being in strict pandemic lockdown since March 23th, the small nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean...

Maintaining Level of Service Consistency Through Pandemic Recovery

Maintaining a consistent level of service at all times is extremely important to the long-term success of your service department. It only takes one...

Return to Work Signals Auto Industry Recovery to Begin

After shutting down automotive production more than two months ago, many automotive assembly plants are beginning to bring their workforce back. Around 133,000 workers...