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Improving F&I Processes to Meet Changing Customer Expectations

66% of car shoppers are much more likely to buy from a dealership with their preferred experience, but less than 1% of car buyers like the current car buying process. There are many steps in the car-buying process that need to be improved to provide customers with their preferred experience. But one of the biggest opportunities to meet changing customer expectations is the F&I process – where customers spend more than a quarter of their total time at the dealership when buying a car.

Learning Objectives:

1. Enable customers to do their own F&I research with dealer-owned technology while waiting to meet with an F&I manager.
2. Implement more interactive and engaging F&I presentations.
3. Identify ways to personalize each customer’s interaction with the F&I process.

Are you tired of boring New Car Webinars?

vAutoPlease join Brian Finkelmeyer, Sr. Director of Conquest at vAuto, who will share some recent findings and insights which are NOT boring, but very helpful towards running your new car operation more profitably.

Manage "Why your dealership needs an Omni-channel communication strategy in 2018"

While a vast majority of the car-buying process is happening online, there comes a time when your customers will eventually need to take that process offline. Dealerships that are winning are providing consumers with a number of different options to connect and drive them to the dealership, including text, web chat, email, phone, and others.
Over the course of this webinar, we will discuss the typical car buying journey and show you how an omni-channel strategy can improve the experience and drive more business.

How to Engage Your Market with a Data-Driven Advertising Strategy

In today’s digitally-driven world, more shoppers than ever are turning to digital sources to find their next vehicle or service shop. Join Dealer.com’s Enterprise and OEM Advertising Product Manager, Jon Torrey, to learn more about how data can influence a dealership’s ability to reach consumers throughout key digital touchpoints throughout their car buying and ownership lifecycle.  Jon will review emerging automotive trends and opportunities in the digital space as well as the importance of utilizing data to form your digital advertising strategy. He will also showcase examples of how data is used to inform digital advertising strategies at Dealer.com.

Manage "Sourcing and Selling Inventory Through Digital Channels"

Dealers are continually looking for new, easier and more affordable ways to find and acquire inventory. The best way to save time and money is through digital sourcing channels. Some channels offer a seamless extension of the physical auction. Others offer access to a large database to bid, buy and sell 24/7. The convenience of digital sourcing opens unlimited access and opportunities to new inventory options that are otherwise unavailable at physical auction locations while creating more streamlined and economical operations. Join Derek Hansen to learn how Manheim Express can help dealers looking to trade off their lots or acquire fresh inventory at the right price, as well as the quick-to-market approach that Manheim took to meet dealers where they’re at.

Consumer Reactions to Digital Retailing: How to Make It Work for You

Considering a digital retailing process for your brand or dealership? We’ve done the research on how to get the most from that investment. In fact, we had Root & Associates, a market research firm that specializes in the automotive industry, study the effects of digital retailing and guided shopping in the car purchase process. What it comes down to is this: To realize digital retailing’s full potential, you need to pair it with messaging assistance. Come see what we uncovered in these in-depth, in-person interviews and a survey of 1,000+ car buyers and shoppers.