Jamar Seymore

Loyalty Manager
Walser Automotive Group
Minneapolis, MN

While Seymore technically began his retail automotive career in 2013 at age 25, in reality, he has been working in the car industry since adolescence. Driven by a passion for vehicles, which he attributes to his father, he entered the business when he was just 15, getting his first work experiences as a car customization sales representative at his local shop. Hoping to broaden his skillset, Seymore left the customization sector after reaching adulthood and got his first dealership job at the Walser Automotive Group’s call center.

It was here that Seymore learned of his exceptional talents in sales and communication. It soon became his mission to match customers with the products that worked best for their needs. With time and effort, he was able to scale the retail automotive ladder, eventually securing his current position as Loyalty Manager at Walser Subaru St. Paul.

His dedication and passion for service and vehicles were easy to see, making it only a matter of time before others in the industry began to take note. Sure enough, Seymore was soon nominated for the The Subaru Star Award, an honor recognizing retail automotive professionals who go above and beyond for their customers. He would go on to win the award in January 2023, an achievement he holds to be the proudest of his career.

Seymore continues to lead sales operations at Walser Subaru St. Paul, using his work ethic and skillset to attract more buyers and help the business succeed. “For the past 20 years, I have always valued my customers because I am highly aware that without a customer, you have no business,” he told CBT News. “My goals are to continue to strive and be the best person I can be, giving exceptional customer service.”