Chris Graham

General Sales Manager
Mike Maroone Chevrolet
Colorado Springs, CO

Chris Graham, age 38, is a seasoned professional of the car business, currently serving as the general sales manager at Mike Maroone Chevrolet West Palm Beach.

Graham’s tenure in the retail automotive sector spans more than two decades. Like many, he got his start in the car business at a young age, working various roles spanning sales, finance, and used vehicle management during his high school’s summer break. He credits his interest in joining the industry to his father, who was Mike Maroone’s business partner for 35 years.

As he furthered his education and gained more expertise, Graham began to accomplish greater and greater feats. His list of achievements include spearheading the success of the top-performing used car department in Colorado and defending the title of the #1 Certified Pre-Owned General Motors dealer for three consecutive years. Under his leadership, Mike Maroone Chevrolet West Palm Beach now reigns as the top-performing new-car Chevrolet dealership in its district.

A graduate of the NADA program, Graham is dedicated to continuous education and individual growth. However, despite his commitment to the car business, he makes sure to prioritize his family and enrich his personal life. An avid golfer and cycler, he relishes in the mental and physical challenges the two hobbies offer, as well as the sense of freedom and opportunity to explore nature. Graham also treasures moments spent together with his family through game nights, vacations and shared experiences.

Of all his achievements, Graham is most proud to continue his family’s legacy in the automotive business. Looking ahead, he envisions his dealership becoming a top-three store in Florida for Chevrolet, hopes to foster a growth-centric culture, become a partner in a dealership within Mike Maroone Auto Group and achieve a monthly sales target of 300 new and used cars.