The Power of Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcementvideo
If one of your employees does something good that you want to see more of, you have to let them know about it. On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about the power of positive reinforcement.

Accountability and What It Is Worth to Your Business

Your culture, what’s that worth? Team morale, momentum, your brand, the customer experience, the team member experience, your own credibility as a leader. You will lose the respect of the best when you don’t deal effectively with the worst. Accountability. On this episode of Hard...

Don’t Take the Bait

Nobody can offend you without your consent. If anybody says or does anything to try and get under your skin, don't give in. On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about how being offended and taking the bait can distract you from...

Getting (and Staying) in the Zone

We all have a "zone" in the workplace, a temporary state of heightened focus that enables peak performance. On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about getting in the zone and staying there.

The Four Types of Performance Mindsets

On this week's episode of Hard Truths with Dave Anderson, Dave elaborates on the 4 types of performance mindsets. Most often people are a blend of all 4, depending on various factors, but one will usually dominate your daily performance. Dave suggests once you identify...

Toxic Achievers

toxic achieversvideo
On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson goes over the types of "toxic achievers" that you may have in your staff and holding your staff accountable by redefining expectations.

Being An Unconditional Performer

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Many people can have a good day after a good night's sleep or if they're feeling 100 percent. That's called being a "conditional performer." On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about being an "unconditional performer," meaning that you can bring...

Redeeming Your Time

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Many managers waste way too much time, judging their progress on how many hours they've worked. It's not the hours you put in that make you effective, it's what you put in those hours. On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks...

The Truth About Complacency

On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson discusses complacency, a word he deems as one of the most poorly-defined and misunderstood words in the industry, and teaches you what it really means so that you can recognize it within yourself or others.

Improve Performance Through Consequences

On this episode of Hard Truths, Dave talks about consequences. Once you have clarity, once your expectations are clear, you’ve got to give feedback, based on those expectations, but what happens if the job doesn’t get done? That’s where consequences come in. VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Hi, welcome to Hard Truths...

How To Sell More Cars With YouTube

The potential of the internet to sell cars cannot be understated. It is rapidly becoming the place that shoppers go before coming on a...

Why Are Service Departments Still Not Texting?

Technology has become so advanced. Most technology is designed to improve communication and make us more efficient, but technology is really just a means...
Howard Hakesvideo

Howard Hakes Reflects on a Successful Year as 2019’s AIADA Chairman

2019 was certainly a busy year for Washington with tariff threats, industry disruptors, and historic trade agreements. And the folks over at AIADA have...

How to Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

As a manager, two of your chief concerns are productivity and employee retention. The first boosts your company's revenue. The second reduces the chances...

5 Reasons You Need to Redefine CRM

The customer relationship management (CRM) tool started out as a simple electronic rolodex and calendar. It’s now a complicated tool that is underused or...

Help Your F&I Office Perform Consistently with These Key Strategies

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek, President of Chernek Consulting, discusses the importance of performing well in the dealership on a...

Utilizing Modern Technology in Auto Retail

On this week's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis talks about why you should take advantage of modern technology and utilize services such as...

Current Trends and Challenges in Fixed-Ops

On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, CBT's Jim Fitzpatrick talks to fixed-ops expert, and regular CBT contributor, John Fairchild of Fairchild Automotive Solutions....

Hydrate Your Mind

Have you ever been dehydrated? It can negatively affect your entire body. The same thing can happen to your mind if you don't feed...