The Power of Positive Reinforcement

positive reinforcementvideo
If one of your employees does something good that you want to see more of, you have to let them know about it. On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about the power of positive reinforcement.

Accountability and What It Is Worth to Your Business

Your culture, what’s that worth? Team morale, momentum, your brand, the customer experience, the team member experience, your own credibility as a leader. You will lose the respect of the best when you don’t deal effectively with the worst. Accountability. On this episode of Hard...

Don’t Take the Bait

Nobody can offend you without your consent. If anybody says or does anything to try and get under your skin, don't give in. On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about how being offended and taking the bait can distract you from...

Getting (and Staying) in the Zone

We all have a "zone" in the workplace, a temporary state of heightened focus that enables peak performance. On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about getting in the zone and staying there.

The Four Types of Performance Mindsets

On this week's episode of Hard Truths with Dave Anderson, Dave elaborates on the 4 types of performance mindsets. Most often people are a blend of all 4, depending on various factors, but one will usually dominate your daily performance. Dave suggests once you identify...

Toxic Achievers

toxic achieversvideo
On today's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson goes over the types of "toxic achievers" that you may have in your staff and holding your staff accountable by redefining expectations.

Being An Unconditional Performer

unconditional performervideo
Many people can have a good day after a good night's sleep or if they're feeling 100 percent. That's called being a "conditional performer." On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks about being an "unconditional performer," meaning that you can bring...

Redeeming Your Time

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Many managers waste way too much time, judging their progress on how many hours they've worked. It's not the hours you put in that make you effective, it's what you put in those hours. On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson talks...

The Truth About Complacency

On this week's episode of Hard Truths, Dave Anderson discusses complacency, a word he deems as one of the most poorly-defined and misunderstood words in the industry, and teaches you what it really means so that you can recognize it within yourself or others.

Improve Performance Through Consequences

On this episode of Hard Truths, Dave talks about consequences. Once you have clarity, once your expectations are clear, you’ve got to give feedback, based on those expectations, but what happens if the job doesn’t get done? That’s where consequences come in. VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Hi, welcome to Hard Truths...

Bob Lanham and Jen Cole on Helping Dealers Leverage Facebook Ad Technology

Coming off of tremendous sales numbers for both May and June, many dealers are beginning to bring their departments back to 100 percent operating...

Summer Sales Forecast for Auto Retail – Charlie Chesbrough, Cox Automotive

Cautious optimism is the sentiment many dealers are feeling as the auto retail industry settles into Q3. After strong showings for sales, considering the...
Ira Wolfevideo

Ira Wolfe on Why Dealers Can’t Go Back to Business as Usual

"An Obituary for Normal", is how Ira Wolfe, founder and President of Success Performance Solutions, satirically introduces his thoughts about the state of 'normal'...
scott rodgersvideo

Tier10’s Scott Rodgers Discusses Dealership Marketing During Socially Turbulent Times

The months of May and June had strong sales numbers across the board for the retail automotive industry, and these results echo the success...
Len Shortvideo

Founder of LotLinx Len Short Discusses Exciting New Partnership with CBT News

As digital retailing increases in the automotive retail industry, the strongest dealers will be the ones who smartly track and manage their online presence...

Staying Successful in the Showroom During COVID-19

On this week's episode of the Saturday Morning Sales Meeting, David Lewis talks about selling cars during the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the...

What Do Dealerships and Bank Conversions Have to Do With TikTok?

Recently, a video by TikTok user Molly Baxter shared a shady business practice perpetrated by a few F&I managers that received thousands of views....

Why Dealers Should Concentrate on Experience, Not Price

On this week’s episode of Kain & Co., host David Kain is joined by his colleague Steve Purdy, the client success director for Kain Automotive....

Creating a Frictionless Online Car Buying Experience

There is still a lot unknown about how the Coronavirus will continue to affect American lives, industries, and consumerism. However, dealers can assume that...