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Is there a difference between digital retailing and digital selling? – Ron Morrison, Pureinfluencer

Digital retailing is a buzzword among retailers, but is there a differentiating factor between digital retailing and digital selling? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Ron Morrison, President, and CEO of Pureinfluencer, to discuss how car dealers can win in today’s digital landscape. Pureinfluencer converts web traffic to leads for automotive dealerships.

Morrison starts off the conversation by telling us the key takeaways he and other car dealers had while attending the Digital Dealer expo.

He says that though car dealers already have digital retailing tools, everyone was in the same boat about inventory shortage. He says, he can’t think of another industry where leaders of the business can adapt to change with as many challenges and become versatile. Morrison also says vendors wanted to know who had the best retailing tool, while car dealers were trying to figure out what tools were best to help them have better processes or strategies to replenish their inventory.

Morrison believes Pureinfluencer is helping car dealers win more shoppers in their showroom. They facilitate digital retailing by bringing the salesman to the customer that’s shopping online. Some questions just can’t be answered by a robot.

Morrison says the difference between digital retailing and digital selling is, digital retailing happens when a shopper decides on the vehicle. Digital selling is when you bring the salesperson to help level the customer buying experience and you’re chatting with them on the website. Morrison also says their technology levels have increased their engagement score for digital selling.

Morris ends the conversation by discussing new products Pureinfluencer is launching in 2021. One of the products is called, MyAnalytics. Not only will the tool be user-friendly, but will help car dealers with every answer they need for traffic, leads, conversions, and paid searches. They want to make the dealer’s website to be just as successful as theirs.

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