Don’t Be Like Everyone Else On The Demo Drive


The demo drive is where the customer falls in love with the vehicle. Don’t be like everyone else. Let the customer decide where they want to drive. Hear what David Lewis has to say on today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.

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  1. To date, I’ve purchased over 40 cars, the vast majority at dealers. I am also a certifiable “car nut” and graduate of performance driving school, most likely knowing more about the car I’m driving, and how to get the most out of it, than the sales rep. The best buying experiences were those David just described, where I was allowed to drive the car on a route chosen by me. By doing so I could evaluate the car’s performance and features based on my needs, and not feel restricted by a limited travel route or time constraint. (I was respectful of the sales rep’s time.).
    Car sales is a unique “relationship” sales process, in that there are two important relationships to develop; one with the sales rep; and one with the car. Let’s hope more sales rep’s follow David’s advice.


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