This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Ford partners to connect cars with homes Ford announces it will now partner with Amazon in hopes of connecting cars to homes. USA Today says along with Internet Of Things Platform Wink; Ford will grant owners unprecedented access to their connected-home devices from their cars and vice versa. Owners will eventually be able to open a garage door, check a thermostat setting or turn on the house lights.
  2. Hyundai unveils hybrid-dedicated car to take on Toyota’s Prius Despite low gas prices, Hyundai has unveiled a hybrid-dedicated car to take on Toyota’s Prius. Reuters says the compact car (named the Ioniq) would be rolled out later this month with a starting price of nearly $20,000. Company executives say the latest Prius has not been launched in Korea yet, but the Ioniq would beat it for fuel economy in the U.S. and South Korea.
  3. GM Is Back in Super Bowl After One Year Off
    After a year off, GM says it will jump back into Super Bowl advertising highlighting Buick. According to Auto News it will be Buick’s first ever Super Bowl commercial and will feature the Cascada, Buick’s first drop top in 25 years.
  4. No one wants to buy Mitsubishi’s only US plant
    After failing to find another company in the auto market to take over its only manufacturing site in the U.S., Mitsubishi Motors will likely close it’s factory in Normal, IL. The company made plans in 2015 to shift business strategy toward Asia. A spokesperson for the company says they are looking for possible buyers from other industries.


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