This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Ford: Detroit can become ‘Mobility Central’
    It’You can forget about Silicon Valley being the automotive breakthrough location for future innovative opportunities. Ford’s Executive Chairman (Bill Ford) told USA Today he believes Detroit is morphing into mobility central. He adds, the Motor City has become the nation’s center when it comes to all things involving the movement of good and people.
  2. Mitsubishi Motors brings in new R&D chief, restates results after scandal
    Reuters says Mitsubishi appointed a Nissan adviser as its head of research and development…as part of a management overhaul in the wake of a mileage cheating scandal. Nissan is preparing to take a controlling one-third stake in Mitsubishi, which is reeling from its third scandal in two decades.
  3. Volvo’s Small Car Strategy Is Massive
    Fortune reported last week that Volvo unveiled its new global small car strategy with two concepts: The handsome 40.1 Crossover and the unusual 40.2 Sedan or Notchback. The Chinese-Owned Swedish manufacturer will produce versions of both for the U.S. by 2018.
  4. BMW Goes It Alone On Car-Sharing, Keeping All The Potential Reward — And The Risk
    BMW launched a car sharing service in Seattle last month, reach now. Forbes reports that reach now isn’t a taxi-like service that customers can hail with an app and a car picks you up. Forbes says customers find a reach now car available for rent on the street and drive it. They say it’s similar to Zipcar and Car-2-Go.


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