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How CDK Global is making sense of Big Data and passing along actionable insights to auto dealers

Joining us today is Mahesh Shah, Chief Product and Technology Officer of CDK Global, to discuss how CDK plans to transform the automotive industry with its latest data-driven platforms and acquisition of Austin-based Square Root.

There is an incredible amount of data in the automotive industry, and it will only keep growing as time passes. From OEMs to auto dealers, and even car buyers, there is a mountain of data available, however, it’s not easily accessed. Similar to the evolution of smartphones, Shah believes that vehicles will only get smarter and more connected. This means, that CDK Global has leaned into developing its platform, Neuron, which allows automotive retail professionals to access data and take away valuable insights from it.

CDK Global’s recent acquisition of Square Root is another step in expanding the Neuron platform. Square Root is a data-driven solutions company designed to provide auto dealers with curated data patterns that can identify missed opportunities. In addition to integrating with Neuron, Square Root will also be instrumental in enhancing the value of CDK’s future and existing solutions through the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange.

Shah says, “Just like your watch can talk to your phone, which can talk to your computer, all of those things are communicating through APIs. We see the same thing happening with cars. and with dealerships, and with OEMs.”

To learn more about Neuron, Square Root, and Fortellis, visit today.

Mahesh Shah brings more than 20 years of technology experience to the automotive retail industry. Prior to his role as CPTO for CDK Global, Shah held positions at DXC Technology, IBM Global Services, and has served on the board of advisors for several technology startups. He also held a variety of roles for Hewlett Packard Enterprises, where he focused on identifying and developing the company’s M&A activity.
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