Looking to Start a Subscription Service at Your Dealership? Here’s One Solution | Mike Jackson: A Trade War will be “Inflationary” | Industry Reacts to Impact of Tariffs


Today on CBTNews.com – Friday, June 29th, 2018:

newscastLooking to Start a Subscription Service at Your Dealership? Here’s One Solution.
There is a lot of talk about subscription services in the auto industry these days. Dealers and consumers are finding themselves asking how does the vehicle subscription process works and what could be the benefits? To help us answer those questions for you and explain how you can boost your dealership’s profit, CBT Automotive News welcomes Stephane Ferri, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Flexdrive. Watch Now

newscastMike Jackson, AutoNation CEO: A Trade War will be “Inflationary”
AutoNation’s CEO and Chairman, Mike Jackson, is the latest executive to speak out against President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs on cars and SUVs being imported from Europe. In an interview with CNBC on June 27, 2018, Jackson stated that the tariffs have the potential to start a “a real trade war” that would “dramatically” raise prices for customers. This comes after Trump recently used his favorite platform, Twitter, to threaten even more tariffs on the European Union (EU) if it does not drop tariffs on numerous U.S.-made products. Read More

newscastDealerships are Bridging the Gap between the Future and the Now
The auto industry has always been at the forefront of technological advancement. This has never been truer than at the current time. Self-driving cars, smart cities, and connected technologies are very exciting endeavors. At the same time, they can be overwhelming for consumers to understand and embrace. Your dealership stands in an excellent position to guide consumers through the coming advancements and gain their lifelong trust. Let’s explore some ways to capitalize on this opportunity and sell some cars in the process. Read More

newscastHow Your Dealership Staff Can Support Life Saving Initiatives
For many, a car represents freedom, flexibility, and accessibility. Unfortunately, for others, it can bring thoughts of tragedy and danger. Car safety is an issue that impacts all of us, and there are some who have directly been affected by hazards involving cars. The National Safety Council estimates that there were approximately 40,000 traffic deaths last year. While this is a drop from 2016, it is still a cause for concern. Read More


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