Does Your Succession Plan Reflect Your Long-term Vision? | Mercedes-Benz to Launch New U.S. Pop-Up Stores | Uber Under Investigation For Pay-Structure Discrimination


Today on – Wednesday, July 18, 2018:

Does Your Succession Plan Reflect Your Long-term Vision? – Richard J. Bryan
Joining the CBT Automotive Network today is keynote speaker and author, Richard J. Bryan, who reminds us that planning for the unexpected by creating a succession plan is necessary for every business, especially within a dealership and for its principles. Watch Now

Reducing Stress to Boost Performance in the Workplace
Having stress in the workplace makes for an unproductive workplace. Stressed employees have difficulty finishing tasks on schedule and have a harder time positively interacting with customers. Not only that, a number of illnesses have been linked to stress, which means that a stressed out salesperson is more likely to have to take sick days or feel chronically under the weather. With 65% of American adults pointing to work as a cause of stress, it is essential that you as a manager reduce stress sources from your dealership. Here are 3 ways you can help reduce stress to boost performance in your dealership. Read More

What Do I Do With All This Data?
Big Data can have a considerable impact on the automotive industry. The term not only applies to the vast amount of data itself, but the collection of information through connected devices, sensors, log files, and transactional applications. Today, the interconnectivity of all of our technology, from smartphones to car dashboards, enables automotive OEMs and even dealers to capture a variety of information about their clientele. Read More


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