Solutions That Measure and Manage Your Dealership’s Recon Process | Trump Prepares for Meetings in Europe | FCA Launches New Program for High-Potential Dealers


Today on – Thursday, July 12th, 2018:

Solutions That Measure and Manage Your Dealership’s Recon Process
If you’re a dealer struggling to get your used vehicles in and out of recon as quickly as possible, you’ll want to pay attention to this next interview. CBT Automotive recently spoke with Dennis McGinn, Founder, and CEO of Rapid Recon, on how he is providing a solid solution to your reconditioning challenges. Watch Now

newscastWhat You Need to Do — NOW — to Succeed in a Regrowth Economy
The car business changed dramatically, and it changed almost overnight. When it did, dealers and managers who’d had years of great success because of the great market conditions, had also developed all of those bad habits that come with ‘good times’. Practically overnight, 80 percent of all the dealers, managers and salespeople in our business had to rethink and redo just about everything they’d been doing. Read More

newscastMaking the Most of Your Time
Right next to your employees, your most valuable resource as a manager is time. However many squander this asset. This usually happens when management gets stuck in institutional ruts, following well-trodden procedures without considering whether there’s a more time-effective way. Here are three of the most significant areas where businesses waste time, along with suggestions for how to improve them. Read More


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