Do consumers care about your dealership’s compliance training?

So according to a new study, consumers like seeing compliance training certificates when they’re walking around a dealership. Unfortunately, though, the same study found that just 37 percent of dealers provide comprehensive compliance training to all of their employees, and only 23 percent employ a compliance officer.

Auto News says the study came from auditing firm, total dealer compliance. Another takeaway to note…73% of consumers are more comfortable dealing with dealership staff that has completed compliance training.

Max Zanan, President of Total Dealer Compliance said to Auto News that a lack of compliance costs dealerships an average of $792,000 in lost profit. The survey found that 65% of dealers have not had a comprehensive audit in the last 12 months.

Among consumers, there were 200 respondents to the survey. Among the dealerships, there were 500 dealerships nationwide, across 20 brands.


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