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CBT Automotive Network has partnered with some of the automotive industry’s top trainers to bring valuable tips and information directly to you and your auto sales staff.  Top trainers dish up pragmatic advice on selling, sales techniques, and skills that both your green peas and your seasoned sales professionals will find relevant in working with today’s consumers.

Reviewing Your CRM Email Templates

email templatesvideo
If you're looking to improve engagement between you and consumers through your CRM process, make sure you review your email templates. Brian Pasch explains why you need more than one opinion on today's Tip of the Day. VIDEO TRANSCRPIT: Hi this is Brian Pash and it's...

What’s In It For You?

What is your “why”, but more importantly than that “what’s in it for you, not your customer?” Cory suggests reversing the action to maximize your opportunities on today's Tip of the Day.

Don’t Make Your Customers Feel Uncomfortable

Like it when customers get in your face?  Of course not.  Then why do some salespeople crowd customers during the greeting?  It happens, but Paul says it doesn’t have to happen. He explains one solution to solve it.    

How to maintain a close relationship with loyal customers

loyal customersvideo
In today's Tip of the Day, David Kain gives you some tips on how to maintain a close relationship with loyal customers.

Two Reasons Why Customers Call Your Dealership

customers callvideo
Ever have a situation where you called a 1-800 number and didn’t like the way the call was handled? David suggests doing several things when customers call your dealership so that they can avoid the same scenario.   VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Well I'm going to share something with...

Confused About Vendor Speak?

vendor speakvideo
Are you confused about vendor speak? Are your vendors using language your team can understand?  If they’re not, Glenn has a few suggestions.  

How to handle the “best price” inquiry from customers

best pricevideo
  In today's Tip of the Day, Mark Tewart gives you tips on how to handle the best price inquiry from customers.

Having a Follow-Up Plan

The problem with follow-up is that it’s not being done correctly.  Does your plan include calling previous customers every single week and thanking them for their business and asking for referrals?  Paul explains why follow-up doesn’t pay you today, but later.   

Getting your Car Shopper in the Dealership to Buy

  People call your dealership. Why? Well, David says for several reasons. Some of those reasons might be annoying, especially if they don’t show up. David explains what to do next time that happens.     Video Transcription Our Tip of the Day comes from David Lewis. I am...

Ego vs. Self-Esteem

Mark addresses the difference between ego and self-esteem... two things you need to be good at for everything, especially when selling vehicles.


Do Spot Decisions Really Help Sell More Cars?

On this week's edition of F&I Today, Becky Chernek talks about making spot decisions and whether or not they actually help your dealership sell...

The Importance of a Winning Attitude

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek discusses the importance of a winning attitude and how your attitude can make you or...

The Benefits of Leasing

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky invites Alex Lukas, Business Manager at Baker Motor Company, to discuss leasing and the benefits that...

Quickly and Easily List and Buy Inventory with New Manheim Express App

May is just around the corner and that means that Manheim is approaching their pilot run with a new mobile application Manheim Express before...
online experiencevideo

Offer a Customized Online Experience at Your Dealership – Paul Wagner, CloudEngage

Every dealer wants to make sure their dealership has a great online and offline customer experience. On today’s show, we are joined by Paul...
content calendar

Does Your Marketing Department Need A Content Calendar?

Consistency is a word that is frequently heard in the marketing and advertising world. Do you know what you’re blogging, sharing, and posting this...

Turning a Phone Call Into an Appointment

It’s no secret that your dealership’s location can pose challenges to running an effective sales process. Situated in congested Chicago, the Berman Infiniti of...

Dealership Upgrades At Nissan Embrace The Future

The familiar circular logo is staying, but Nissan Motor Company said that many showroom changes are afoot with the company aiming for upgrades in...