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CBT Automotive Network has partnered with some of the automotive industry’s top trainers to bring valuable tips and information directly to you and your auto sales staff.  Top trainers dish up pragmatic advice on selling, sales techniques, and skills that both your green peas and your seasoned sales professionals will find relevant in working with today’s consumers.

Up Your Game in Your Appearance

Maybe you don’t have to wear a suit to work.  But does your collared pullover have to be wrinkled when you greet people at the dealership showroom?  No, and Mark explains why. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT I want you to up your game in the way that you...

The value female customers bring to your service department

female customersvideo
Are you taking full advantage of the type of retention women create for your service department?  Becky explains ways you can appeal to female customers.

Testing Lookalike Audiences on Facebook

  Want more customers like the ones you have? Brian has a great suggestion using your DMS and Facebook for capturing lookalike audiences.

Being Your Customers’ Liaison

customer retentionvideo
After a couple years, customers often forget the salesperson who sold them their car unless they are reminded every few months. One way of reminding them is by suggesting an oil change every 6-12 months. Hear why David suggests being your customers' liaison and...

Adding Value to your Invitation

While transitioning from the outside to the inside, Jonathan recommends changing your invitation to the customer, therefore adding value to the conversation.  

Mapping Out the First and Last Hours of Your Day

  In auto retail, things can slip through the cracks during your process. Glenn Pasch suggests mapping out the first and last hours of your day with a checklist to prevent that from happening on today's Tip of the Day.

Don’t make your customers feel uncomfortable

Like it when customers get in your face?  Of course not.  Then why do some salespeople crowd customers during the greeting?  It happens, but Paul says it doesn’t have to happen. He explains one solution to solve it.    

The Concept of Nudging

  We get digitally nudged all the time, but what’s the impact of a digital nudge and how effective is it for your dealership website?  David explains by offering up a great example of how it supposed to work.  

Be Intentionally Congruent

  Are you intentionally congruent on the lot and in the showroom?  Mark suggests being both for an effective sales process.  

Social Media Advertising

social media advertisingvideo
Does social media really help sell cars?  Glenn says “Yes”, but you have to know how to properly use it. 


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