Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Progressive Retail | Kerri Wise of TrueCar

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley sits down with Kerri Wise of TrueCar.

Progressive Retail | Influencing Customers

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley talks about how to influence and get customers to want to do business with you.

Progressive Retail | Alane Boyd

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley interviews Alane Boyd Vice President of tech company GoFanBase

Progressive Retail | Break Habits And Start New Habits

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley talks about how to break habits and start new habits

Progressive Retail | Shrey Bhatia | The Importance Of Consumer Reviews

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley interviews Shrey Bhatia, CEO of Reputation.com, on the importance of consumer reviews

Progressive Retail | Shrey Bhatia | The Importance Of Consumer Reviews


Progressive Retail | Paul Potratz, COO of Digital Marketing Agency Potratz

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley interviews Paul Potratz, COO of digital marketing agency Potratz. They discuss the importance of branding your company as well as...

Progressive Retail | Employee Retention

Today on Progressive Retail Cory Mosley discusses Employee Retention
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On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Steve Greenfield, CEO and founder of Automotive Ventures. Greenfield specializes in advising founders, owners, and CEOs on...

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The quality standard of vehicles has changed vastly since J.D. Power and Associates entered the industry in 1968. After more than 50 years of...

How Sonic Automotive and EchoPark plan to keep up their momentum in 2021 – Jeff Dyke, President

Sonic Automotive is coming off a strong year in 2020 as it set records in sales and expanded its EchoPark used-car stores. Today, we...

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A semiconductor chip shortage continues to vex the auto industry worldwide. Several factories across nameplates such as Ford, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Chrysler, and...

Rethinking the test drive to unlock new revenue

There’s no doubt COVID-19 accelerated automotive retailers’ digitization efforts. Evolving consumer preferences for personalized, on-demand service that doesn’t require a dealership visit mean the retail environment now...
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