5 Characteristics to look for when hiring

Paul Cummingsvideo
In this interview, CBT News' CEO Jim Fitzpatrick chats live with Author and Speaker, Paul Cummings from the kick-off of his book tour for his most recent release, It All Matters. Paul and Jim discuss the premise behind his new title and how to recognize a great candidate's characteristics during the interview process.

Jeremy Anspach: What the future of digital marketing looks like

Last week, PureCars acquired Showroom Logic. In a move that benefits both, the two digital advertising technology companies will now serve the automotive community together. We spoke with Jeremy Anspach, Founder and Chairman of PureCars, about the details of the acquisition as well as what areas of digital marketing dealerships should be focusing on right now.

Meet DealerSocket’s New CEO: Sejal Pietrzak

When changes take place with a tool or process at your dealership, you certainly want to know if things will change or disrupt that tool or process. Recently, DealerSocket introduced their new CEO, Sejal Pietrzak. CBT's own Jim Fitzpatrick had a chance to ask her about any possible changes in the future.

Words that Sell Service

service drive
Having the right words to say to an 83-year-old man in your service drive that needs to have his alternator replaced might not be that easy. Sally Whitesell, CEO and Founder of SW Service Solutions and author of the book Words that Sell Service, says it doesn't matter what the scenario may be, advisors need to be trained and...

Jason Knight: Digital Marketing Waste Tool

digital marketingvideo
Your dealership spends a fortune every month on digital marketing and then hopes and prays it works. Jason Knight, COO and Co-Founder of LotLinx, says the stress that comes with that can be eliminated once your dealership finds the right tool that eliminates all the guesswork out of your digital marketing plan.

Jessica Caldwell: What to do with 2017 models on your lot

2017 Modelsvideo
There are still plenty of 2017 models languishing on lots in October. Hear why Jessica Caldwell of Edmunds.com recently told CBT that customers are ready to buy.

Ron Frey: Why auto retail can do better

auto retailvideo
According to GasBuddy.com, the average gas nationally is still around $2.55 a gallon. Consumer spending ended the third quarter strong and U.S. stocks are closing at record highs. Although September was a good month for auto retail, according to Ron Frey, Chief Strategy Officer with CDK Global, we can do better going forward.

WardsAuto’s Steve Finlay: Customer satisfaction for its own sake misses point

customer satisfactionvideo
When it comes to customer satisfaction in the service lane, we're starting to see a trend where one automaker tries to top others with certain extras offered to customers. There's an entire list of those extras, but WardsAuto Senior Editor Steve Finlay said in a recent article that there's also a list of things that drive customers away.

William Wallace: Why dealers are an important piece of eVehicle future

When customers have issues with their vehicles, they go to the dealership to fix it. So where is the automaker's responsibility, especially when it comes to the future of autonomous vehicles? William Wallace, a policy analyst with Consumers' Union, says organizations rely on dealers instead because that's who the customer depends on for answers.

Bill Wittenmyer on Recruitment, Creating the right culture, and Prospecting

Bill Wittenmyervideo
As a car dealer, unless you're wearing a shirt or hat out in public advertising your store, it's hard for some people to actually know what you do for a career. ELEAD1 Partner Bill Wittenmyer told CBT's Jim Fitzpatrick recently that dealership personnel used to be walking billboards for their stores, and it might be something they should get...



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What Amazon’s Acquisition of Zoox Means for the Autonomous Mobility Market – Katrin Zimmermann,...

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3 Ways to Dominate Car Sales in the “New Normal”

The Automotive industry has been turned upside down over the past 4 months and has pushed the future forward in regard to the way...

Over-the-Air Updates are Coming – How It Will Affect Auto Retail

Over-the-Air (OTA)updates are set to become one of the most significant developments for the automotive industry in the next generation of cars. Mercedes-Benz and...

Why Dealers Should Concentrate on Experience, Not Price

On this week’s episode of Kain & Co., host David Kain is joined by his colleague Steve Purdy, the client success director for Kain Automotive....

Creating a Frictionless Online Car Buying Experience

There is still a lot unknown about how the Coronavirus will continue to affect American lives, industries, and consumerism. However, dealers can assume that...

Making the Commitment to Provide a Top-Tier Customer Experience

On this week’s episode of Kain & Co., host and President of Kain Automotive, David Kain discusses the necessary changes to the customer experience brought...