Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Potential Future Managers Won’t Just Tumble Into Your Dealership’s Pipeline

Implement a process to tap new leaders, whether based on gut feel or quantifiable criteria. BY KIRK MANZO Why can some new leaders effectively transition into the role of reliable performer for your dealership, while others fail spectacularly? To increase the likelihood that the next person you promote to a managerial role actually succeeds, your […]
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Evaluate The Pros And Cons Of Training Your Dealership Employees Remotely

It’s not as simple as comparing lower cost of online learning, webinars with whether they will retain material. BY CHRIS ROLLINS Is training of employees...

Sales Consultant Recruiting Made Easy

Implementing significant changes in your sales process will go far in attracting young, well-educated salespeople and increase your employee retention rate. BY MARK RIKESS Easily...

Moving from Command and Control to Collaboration

By taking time to invest in your employees, you increase your chances of slowing down the revolving door. BY KIRK MANZO For the past several...

Avoiding Position Pitfalls

Understanding your role in the dealership and how it contributes to the success of the entire operation leads to satisfied customers, higher profits and...
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