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Feature Benefit Selling by Mark Wahlberg

Today's CBT Automotive sales tip of the day is brought to you by the newest Columbus Ohio car dealer, Mark Wahlberg. Take a look!  

Want to keep more female employees? Give them a work/life balance | 5 Ways...

On today's CBT Newscast for Tuesday, September 19th, 2017: Want to keep more female employees? Give them a work/life balance A work/life balance is something we...

DealerScience Founder & CEO Andrew Gordon on helping your managers to be more productive

Joe Gumm and CEO Andrew Gordon: How to help your managers to be more productive

Is the market still good?

Is the market still good? General Motors Chairman & CEO Mary Barra discusses the automaker's sales figures and goals with CNBC's Brian Sullivan and Dan...

Do incentives sell more cars?

CBT News - November 2, 2016 How could leasing impact new car sales? Try this idea to lower turnover Mercedes Benz CEO and President Dietmar...

CBT News – October 18, 2016

CBT News October 18, 2016 A new car service closing the loop to buying Sales training or more showroom traffic? Is your dealership on...

How to Give Your Dealership an End of the Year Marketing Boost

On today's show, we're pleased to welcome back Eric Mercado, President of WeDrive Automotive, a progressive automotive marketing company headquartered right here in Atlanta,...

Interview Red Flags: What to Look for When Interviewing Potential Employees

According to the job search website Indeed.com, the average annual earning of a car salesperson in the U.S. was around $68,000 including all bonuses. ...

Ways to Pitch a Lease

Lots of dealers are able to sell a car at full MSRP when selling a lease. Many consumers don’t think about negotiating the purchase...
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Is Your Dealership Using Video Advertising to Its Full Potential?

Joining us today to discuss how dealers can better incorporate video into their marketing strategies, is Jon Torrey, Product Manager of Video Advertising at...

Retain Service Customers with Every R.O.

We probably all agree that the goal of the dealership service department should be to: A) generate profit, and B) deliver an experience that...

Do You Have Your “E’s” Turned Up Today?

 Do you have your "E's" turned up today? Bring your enthusiasm, excitement, energy and experience into the dealership and watch what happens. Hear how...

Moving Smoothly From Greeting the Customer

The first impression your customer has on you can make or break the deal. On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart...

Customer Relationship Management

On this week's Kain & Company, David talks about customer relationship management and CRM culture.

How to Evaluate The Value of Your Third-Party Classified Partner

Do auto dealers need third-party classified marketplaces? Brian Pasch discusses how you can evaluate the value of your third-party classified partner on today's episode...