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Captive Insurance

Should I Form a Captive Insurance Company?

Assessing Your Dealership’s Risk Dealership owners face many risks in today’s world. Some of these risks can be covered through traditional commercial insurance policies, such...
Auto Marketing Now

Brian Pasch: How CarNow communication is helping drive more traffic into your showroom

 Brian sits down with Tim Cox, founder of CarNow, to explore how the CarNow communication platform is helping customers engage with your website to...
Service Receptionvideo

3 Things Salespeople Need to Sell to Their Customers

Bringing Customers Back By: Glenn Pasch Fixed operations marketing seems to be a big buzzword for 2017. With sales of new vehicles seeming to plateau, the...

CBT News October 7, 2016

CBT News October 7, 2016 Jermy Anspach tells us how to Prepare for 2017 Success in Honolulu Jonathan Ord, Tells us what dealers want

Mercedes Benz Groundbreaking Ceremony

Mercedes Benz Groundbreaking Ceremony The governor and two mayors joined in the groundbreaking for Mercedes-Benz USA’s new corporate headquarters in Sandy Springs on Sept. 26. The...
recon processvideo

Dennis McGinn and Jon Burkeen Discuss the Best Ways to Manage Your Recon Process

On today's show, we're excited to talk more about the recon process with Dennis McGinn, founder and CEO of Rapid Recon, and Jon Burkeen,...
social media

Using Social Media to Recruit Top Dealership Talent

Employee recruiting has certainly come a long way from the days of having to walk into an employer’s office and hand the hiring manager...
BDC Strategyvideo

Unlock Additional Finance and Service Revenue with a Comprehensive BDC Strategy

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Sarah Vantine, BDC Director for Scott Clark Auto Group out of Charlotte, NC. Since we last...

Four Ways Your Dealership Can Use a Sales Funnel

The world of marketing is never without its jargon and buzzwords. For the past five years, you might have heard the term “sales funnel”...

5 Unethical F&I Practices That Could Sink Your Dealership

It’s no secret that F&I departments have suffered (and sometimes still do) from a bad reputation. Probably the worst in the entire dealership…sleazy, fast-talking...

Removing Tension Between Dealers and Buyers

On this week's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek talks to Michael Jarman, Co-Founder and CEO of TurboPass. Becky and Mike talk about how...

How to Maximize the Service Appointment Process and Retain More Customers

On this week's episode of the Weekly Tune-Up, Jim Fitzpatrick speaks with guest host Michael Roppo, President of Automotive Management Resources, to discuss how...

What Separates You from Other Salespeople?

Customers tend to have a similar idea of how car salespeople handle their business. What sets you apart? On this week's episode of Straight...

Eliminating Your Customers’ Fears

 David Lewis talks about understanding and eliminating your customers' fears to help you earn the sale on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.