This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Nissan is ‘racing forward’ with autonomous cars, says CEO Carlos Ghosn
    Nissan says it is expediting the introduction of autonomous cars. Forbes reports the Japanese automaker made the announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show that it will offer partially autonomous vehicles starting as soon as next year, and will offer fully-functioning autonomous vehicles by 2020.
  2. Boy, Honda’s not giving up this whole hydrogen car thing
    Last week, Honda had a huge unveiling showcasing the production version of its Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, which it will begin leasing to customers in March. WIRED says the idea behind the car is the hydrogen fuel cell, which is about the size of a V6 engine and is stuffed under the hood. When tested, the stack of cells sent the car more than 300 miles between refueling stops.
  3. Mazda brings back the rotary engine with RX-Vision
    Mazda is shaking off the dust to its rotary engine and packaging it in the futuristic-looking RX-Vision sports car. The L.A. Times says the RX-Vision could be the prescription for a big brother to the recently refreshed Mazda Miata, a small-scale MX-5 roadster.
  4. Crash data for self-driving cars may not tell whole story
    According to a new study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, self-driving cars being tested in real-world traffic have a higher crash rate than conventional vehicles. CNBC reports that the study analyzed records from three self-driving vehicle programs: Google, Delphi, and Audi. The crash reports from those three were compared to the safety records for all conventional vehicles in the U.S. in 2013.


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