Do you have a process to find new leaders for your dealership? Picking people for your promotions pipeline is critical and your dealership should implement a process today to tap into new leaders. In the August issue of Car Biz Today Magazine, Kirk Manzo provides the top five criteria for finding candidates for F&I promotions, including:

  1. The candidate should have a minimum of two years of experience with the organization. This ensures that candidates have a high overall knowledge of the vehicles and the company’s sales process.
  2. Candidates should be able to consistently performance above their group’s unit sales average for the location where they worked.
  3. Per vehicle revenue on the back end – identifying KPI’s increases the likelihood of success for these performers.
  4. Candidates must have consistently maintained their numbers of CIT below their group’s average in order to be considered for advancement.
  5. Candidates are required to maintain a consistent above-average performance with each of the group’s banking and insurance partners in order to quality for participation in the HI-POS program.

To read the full article from Kirk Manzo, check out the August issue of Car Biz Today Magazine – available online here.

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